• +97 02-2406260

  • info@prcs-bireh.org

  • Ramallah, Al Bireh alhilal street

24/7 Emergency Service

  • A separate triage area to expedite services
  • Smooth and hassle free admission process
  • Comfortable and private treatment areas
  • Resuscitation and minor surgery rooms
  • 24 hour laboratory services
  • State of the art imaging equipment and monitors

General Checkup

At times patients may be unaware of the cause of their symptoms; primary care physicians are trained to help patients identify the underlying medical reasons behind their ailments. For this reason we launched an onsite primary care clinic to be the first stop in the line of patients’ treatment options. Our primary care clinic team is trained to handle complex cases and to make accurate referrals to the right specialists and coordinate patient care on an as needed basis. Our primary care clinic is available to:

  • Properly diagnose health problems and provide basic medical care and treatment
  • Administer annual checkups, routine matters, vaccinations, and any follow-up care
  • Manage chronic conditions, read and interpret laboratory tests and X-Rays
  • Refer patients to the right specialists, coordinate and follow up their care

Experienced Doctors

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